About me

The first thing you should know about me? It would have to be that I’m insatiably curious. Going back as far as I remember, my favorite word was always “why.” “Why can’t I stay up late like my brother?” “Why can’t a seven-year-old drive a car?” “Why can’t we have Spaghetti-Os for every meal?” You get the idea.

This curiosity serves me well in my role as a Creative Director and Content Creator/Strategist. It helps me approach marketing problems with the “beginner’s mind.” It helps me sift through the baggage, conventions and preconceptions that engulf a brand. It helps me identify the ONE thing that makes customers excited, prospects curious and competitors nervous. And then a few more “whys”: “Why can’t we share our clients’ greatness through every encounter a shopper has with them?” and “Why can’t we promote this in a way that respects the consumer and makes her part of the communication?”

What I do.

While I cut my teeth on old-school media (feel free to check out my portfolio), over the last few years I’ve embraced Inbound Marketing and have evolved into what I guess you’d call a media-neutral Content Creator—crafting big ideas and finding creative ways to amplify them through integration of customer experience and traditional, digital and social media.

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